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Last Update
2024-06-07 13:36:32

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Artist Profile

Felsteg is a project for instrumental experimental music with influences from jazz, krautrock and ambient consisting of Dave Schoepke (drums, loops) and Matt Meixner (keyboards, loops), both from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formed from Dave Schoepke’s so-called “Blank Radio” recording sessions, the duo focuses on improvisation as the central approach to music creation. And although there are some sketched song forms, the recordings are often the first time the two have played the pieces as there is no prior rehearsal to the sessions. All is recorded live and analog on tape by sound engineer Danny Zelonky (George Clinton, Misfits, Bad Brains) at National Recording in Milwaukee and then digitized with some additional overdubs.

Their instruments consist of a mix of exotic old and new synthesizers as well as vintage electronic and acoustic drums. In this way they create exciting sound worlds that, on the one hand, may evoke science fiction-like images in the listener, perhaps reminiscent of the soundtracks of John Carpenter films, but on the other hand also achieve the filigree of jazz or even classical music. The fusion of different genres allows them to transcend the boundaries of conventional music.

With a focus on musical experimentation and an attempt to explore the expanse of their own creativity, Felsteg prove that they can produce immersive and captivating music that defies categorization.

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