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Last Update
2019-07-31 09:44:58

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Artist Profile

Sergey Khaninev. "Everything started in 1994. I was in videogames. Atari, Sega Genesis, Commodore Amiga. Other side was music, mainly electronic & pop like Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Pet Shop Boys, Vegas etc. Back to the video games - i was a true fan of amiga. Demos, games, music. Yeah, music. This is it. Outstanding music from amiga games. The Chaos Engine, Dreamweb, Ruff`n`Tumble, Cyberforce, Speedball, team17`s stuff, and so on. Later i heard what i can write music by myself using amiga. But times changed, PC powers grew up. I sold my amiga (what a fool, really) and bought my first PC. I downloaded a poland music - tracker "Tetramed" and a couple of *.mod files. My life was radically changed. There was breakbeat/drum`n`bass/hardcore hype @ those times in Moscow. 1997. I started very simply - sample ripping, downloading, creating. The first track was ready. It was sounding really terrible - speedcore noise with no structure at all with chaotical shouts and breakbeats. =) Later i discovered Fast Tracker 2 and music like ATR, Bomb20, Merzbow, Panacea etc. So, this is where i came from. From video games, computers, skateboarding/mtb spirit, digital hardcore/hiphop/noise music, splitted up family and collapsing background (high taxes, low life, Chechnya wars, whole 2 years of serving at army etc.). A rich past, isn`t it?".
Founder of Rebell Terract dhc/breakcore project, also producing music under names like Atarix, Atari Insanbrains, Merc3, Sooperskalar Band, Fleax, Cobrattie, Serjio Hakinen, Esc#apes and more. Was one of the first who opened in 2000 a d.i.y. CD-R label called Riot Trigger Records in moscow (now is absolutely dead). There was only one release: Rebell Terract "Strategy of selfdestruction". Now it is Atarix`s second coming on music and producing stage. He is using standart desktop PC, some handmade sound devices, midi Oxy8, software, acoustic guitars, field recordings, etc. So stop talking about and watch discography...

- Atarix "The first and worst" MC (Peak)
- Atarix "Mecca#9" MC (Peak)
- Atarix "Xcreamants" MC (Peak)
- Rebell Terract "Strategy of selfdestruction" CD-R/MC (Riot trigger records)
- Atarix "Sooperskalar djzz`n`phunc e.p." OGG (
- Atarix "Schizoid `Grim Prospects (fmsurf mix)`" CD-R (D-Trash)
- Rebell Terract "Savier 1998-2000 " CD (A-Klass records)
- Atarix "Socium Trasher EP " MP3 (20kbps rec)
- Atarix "Every picture tells a lie " MP3 (20kbps rec)
- Sooperskalar Band "Snra`a planet" MP3 (20kbps)
- Sooperskalar Band "Frdgzz 4 tha klnkly nsane" promo CD-R / MP3 (
- Rebell Terract "Zadistosrtion Magazine CD compilation" CD-R (Eyepro)
- Rebell Terract "Digital as fuck v1.0 " CD-R (Digicore far east)
- Rebell Terract "Digital hardcore mix cd " CD (TokyoTribe 02216)
- Rebell Terract "Bomb up! EP " OGG (
- Rebell Terract "The last man standing" promo CD-R (
- Serjio Hakinen "Oy" OGG (20kbps rec)
- Serjio Hakinen "Jive" MP3 (20kbps rec)
- Rebell Terract "Rip the system 001" CD (Ripthesystem)
- Cobrattie "Tales from the graveyard" MP3 (>

 :: smooth taste...  
:: smooth taste remedy EP :: 
by atarix
on 20kbps
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '263 Downloads [i]
 [YARN012]   Better Remedy EP  
Better Remedy EP by-nc-sa
by atarix
on Yarn Audio
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '196 Downloads [i]
 done until its m...  
done until its morning ep 
by atarix
on 20kbps
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '229 Downloads [i]
 every picture te...  
every picture tells a lie 
by atarix
on 20kbps
5 Tracks, 1 Artist '406 Downloads [i]
 floppy swappers...  
floppy swappers EP 
by atarix
on 20kbps
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '160 Downloads [i]
 floppy swappers...  
floppy swappers EP 
by atarix
on floppyswop
2 Tracks, 1 Artist '125 Downloads [i]
 sadoru state  
sadoru state 
by atarix
on 20kbps
10 Tracks, 1 Artist '675 Downloads [i]

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