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Zeus Scientist

Last Update
2020-07-31 14:08:01

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Artist Profile

Everywhere over the world people are talking about a phenomenon which first came up in the 19th century and now experiences an unprecedented renaissance. It is called Zeus Scientist.

Since the early forties research was done on the topic of Zeus Scientist. One name is inevitably associated with the phenomenon: Eric Rogers. The physicist played a particularly important role in the exploration of Zeus Scientist. He and his research team at Princeton University were the first to stumble upon the now world famous sounds, pictures and videos of Zeus Scientist – and since then their aim was to find out what Zeus Scientist is, and to give a clear definition of it.

In the sixties, Rogers claimed to have found an answer to this question, but it is controversial to date. Several other hypotheses were proposed by well-known scientists since then but none of them could live up to the complexity of Zeus Scientist.

Now the question is up to you. What is Zeus Scientist? Is it a human being, a group or even an abstract theory?

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