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Last Update
2024-03-12 09:43:26

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Artist Profile

Wrekkerz is made up of noise-terrorists from Budapest and London. They’re taking us to the deepest depth of d’n’b, industrial techno and electro. They’ve worked with Hungarian band Bëlga, Audiotoolz and FreeStep. Their 2002 video SID Strikes Back is a shocking criticism of the world. Their new mix album is going to be released soon on Loopaholics.

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 [SJSEP-1301]   Psychotime EP  
Psychotime EP by-nc-nd
by Wrekkerz
on sojusrecords
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 3'516 Downloads [i]
 [SJSEP-5301]   Quit EP  
Quit EP by-nc-nd
by Wrekkerz
on sojusrecords
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 4'327 Downloads [i]
 [SJSEP-2302]   Revenge Of Jazz...  
Revenge Of Jazz EP by-nc-nd
by Wrekkerz
on sojusrecords
3 Tracks, 1 Artist 5'079 Downloads [i]

Related Labels

sojusrecords [ext] by-nc-nd
Hu, Budapest
31 Releases, 19 Artists
electronica idm dnb noise dj-set hi-fi freaks lo-fi freaks c64 lovers in the cave at the beach experimental to dance to chill analog digital breaks techno industrial jazz breakbeat house lounge nu-jazz chill funk drum and bass  
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