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Last Update
2019-07-30 15:06:48

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Artist Profile

Volfoniq is a French electro-dub band, melting ska, reggae or ragga with electronics to create its very own interpretation of Dub. Respecting the roots of Jamaican music Volfoniq features driving skanks with built in low-fi and
"electronic" moods, always keeping the focus on the heart of dub : basses !

The band is based on a solo project of "PakuPaku", using computer and analog effects, incorporating from time to time with other musicians (guitarist, Djs, singers...).

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Dub Cançà£o 
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JTR NET07 by-nc-nd
Various Artists
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 Live @ DBC  
Live @ DBC by-nc-nd
by Volfoniq
on les cristaux liquident
9 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'153 Downloads [i]

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