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This Mono Galaxy

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:38:28

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Artist Profile

This Mono Galaxy are a synth duo from Brighton, UK. They are Josh and Prince Roger. They have released 4 albums on their own label, Fretro recordings: THE GLAMOUR AND THE PAIN (2008), I AM NOT NO-ONE (2009), THE ENVY SCRATCH (2011), and HERE COME THE CONSEQUENCES (2012). They have released 1 single, FIREFLIES, on the Pilot Eleven net label.

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 [S1]   Fireflies  
Fireflies by-nc-nd
by This Mono Galaxy
on PilotEleven
1 Track, 1 Artist 61 Downloads [i]

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PilotEleven [ext] by-nc-nd
Uk, Ashdown Forest
6 Releases, 6 Artists
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