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Last Update
2024-03-12 09:39:27

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Artist Profile

Superbus are the producers and musicians Balázs Hegyi and Csaba Barnóth. They’ve already appeared on more compilations including Future Sound of Budapest vol. 4, Progressive Folk and Cafe Unicum. Their jazz-lounge debut album Debut is one of the most popular records of Sojus at the moment. Their second album Quest is soon to be on the site!

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sojusrecords [ext] by-nc-nd
Hu, Budapest
31 Releases, 19 Artists
electronica idm dnb noise dj-set hi-fi freaks lo-fi freaks c64 lovers in the cave at the beach experimental to dance to chill analog digital breaks techno industrial jazz breakbeat house lounge nu-jazz chill funk drum and bass  
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