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Sava Marinkovic

Last Update
2019-07-31 02:20:46

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Artist Profile

Sava Marinković is a young musician born on 29 January 1991 in Pancevo (Serbia). Musician and composer without any class. Known also as a guitar player in bands and projects:
"Ivica", as the effect and ambient background of songs;
"NeuroRekreativni Klub" where he has played rhythm and lead guitar during a short period;
"Demetrin" (which is his own band project) which he has a demo EP with and is working on the first official publishing in which a singer-songwriter Norman Baiocchi is a guest;
"Obala Nesta" (instrumental project) which he is preparing the recording of a couple of single songs with;
"Sava, Melinda & Norman" (project - free live ambient improvisation).
As a guitar player he has received the sponsorship in the form of custom guitar from a German company - near Stuttgart - LEO handcrafted guitars.
His views on music are abstract, based on free improvisation, free time and music. He has propagated his philosophy of music through every live performance. In the beginning of his solo career, he has collaborated with many musician like Melinda Ligeti, Sergi Boal, Aleksandra Dokic. By getting to know Melinda Ligeti and beginning their collaboration, Sava has started to work on his debut album. His solo career is based on an experimental approach to ambient music, free improvisation and minimalism.

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