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Plastique Noir

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:35:37

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Artist Profile

Fortaleza is a big city at Brazilian northeast. Famous for its beaches, the mood of its people and the sun that shines in the sky for the whole year, attracts legions of tourists from everywhere, everyday. But the city has another face. A dark, sick, passionate, mercyless face.

Plastique Noir has born and grows up there , on that hopeless and hostile environment. In a small room localized at one of the most violent districts named as a 2nd World War battle, rounded by chimneys that still release in the air toxics from a broken industrial complex, four young pals meet since 2005 to generate post-punk music also influenced by darkwave, synthpop, industrial, indie and punk. In the badmates' bag, pop music from the last decades, but with attention-paying to contemporary stuff. Plastique Noir uses nostalgia as a tool and urban decadence as inspiration, getting as ultimate subject the existencial labirynth inside each one of us at this beginning of millennium, when the utopic ideals are dead and the chaos distorts the minimal remaining sense of reality. It's not about engaged critics, [even since is unavoidable] but dirty poetry, that tells stories whose main characters are the musicians plus all that rounds and surrounds them. We talk about the empty afterhours, the prostitutes and transvestites at the sea-side walking , the addicted hedonism, the ruins of the old town, the lost lovers in pubs and streets corners , the bodies piled in the morgue, the quotidian neurosis suffocated by the carbonic monoxide, the return to the past searching for any possible future, the madness symbols of folklore and pop culture that offer a scape, an alternative for a fading reality.

Plastique Noir [“black plastic ” in french] is a metaphoric allusion to the bags that stores corpses at the morgues. Its socturnal but danceable electro-rock that also involves bodies, clamming them to mesmerized dance. In only two years, that approach has got large repercussion at the home-country , where the band has done lots of gigs for several cities; it has been interviewed by well-known magazines like Bizz beside other publishings, newspapers, radios, TV shows and websites; including in the “Retratos Subterrâneos” ["Underground Portraits"] compilation of Rock Hard/Valhalla magazine, that presents the best of Brazilian goth music; downloads top 1 on the famous brazilian e-music site Fiber Online [almost 60 thousand downloads and streamings]; chosen as the second best Brazilian band in its genre by Brazilian Alternative Charts, the official parade of goth and electronic music, that involves críticizers, musicians and productors; casting of the Ponto.CE, DoSol, Porto Musical, Calango and WoodGothic hughe Brazilian independent festivals; and inviting for opening of famous bands' gigs like Montage, Ludov, Engenheiros do Hawaii, GPKISM [Japan] and The Cruxshadows [USA].

Plastique Noir has grown up very much on international level too, since has been the only brazilian band invited for the 2007 edition of the world's biggest gothic festival, Wave Gotik Treffen, in Leipzig [Germany]. It has also been interviewed by the Portuguese magazine Elegy Iberica, the Mexican magazine Dark and the American sites Grave Concerns and Midnight Calling; receveid nice comments by the famous English researcher and criticizer Mick Mercer's e-magazine [link] and brand new book [Music To Die For] which maps all the goth world music; and its hit songs has been played on German radios Ultra Dark Radio and Schwarzbrot, Bouquet of Dreams [Portugal] and Zeplins Club [South Africa], as well another countries like France, Belgium, Peru, Italy, USA and Chile.

The released records so far, Offering [2006] and Urban Requiems [2006/2007], this last one released again by the Italian label Ekleipsi Records and the German label AFMusic , are sold out. Just after the EPs Those Who Walk By The Night - The Remixes [co-produced by the great EBM Brazilian project Synthetik Form] and The Early Grave [b-sides and rarities], Plastique Noir is promoting its first full-length official album - Dead Pop [Pisces, 2008/2009] on tour.

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