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On Wave

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:34:57

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Artist Profile

It’s an open secret that practically every other Russian band who claim to be indie, is in reality absolute shit, a group of stupid teenagers, who bought their guitars and microphones of well-known brands in commission shops. They do it for the sole purpose of being stars among hundreds of similar unlucky, weak bands. The band “On Wave” is somewhat of an exception, because they don’t go with the mainstream brand of so-called “Independent music”, but use a mixture of styles. In their attempt to create something new for people, On Wave succeeded in overcoming the alcohol, drugs and instruments constantly breaking to pieces. Members of the band are not afraid to make music in Russia, and nobody can destroy their hope of success.

What music is worth doing? This is a complicated question. “Music is to be passed on from heart to heart” says Ilya, the guitarist and the founder of the band. On Wave passes it’s music using non-typical tunes from instruments, unusual sounding of vocal parts and melodies prompted by smells of railway stations, factories, drunkenness of workers and virgin nature.

Nobody can accuse this band of not knowing the reality, when bass guitarist Max, who works as fireman, copes with difficulties of this life every day. Nobody can accuse them of lack of experience, when vocalist Michael was a member of five successful bands. And you? Can you accuse yourself of not knocking on heaven’s doors?

At the moment the band is preparing for their first EP, planned for release at the end of spring 2008. We can only guess whether the madness of this new Russian band will be an ordinary failure or not. (Masha Bondareva)

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