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Last Update
2019-07-28 11:01:45

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Artist Profile

Melodies, emotive synth lines, sci-fi fx, bleeps and twisted breakbeats. This is the sound of multifunctional Keith Said is an electonic music producer and DJ from Malta who started his journey to music at the age of 13. Now at the age of 20 he owns a little studio in his bedroom which consists of a - Korg ms-2000, Korg electribe ER-1, Korg electribe EMX-1, AKAI MPC-1000, Nord Lead 2, Yamaha DX7 II FD and a Mackie 16channel mixing desk. With these machines, brain and fingers he develops his unique sound. He is so much into the man-machine atmosphere that nowadays his tracks are all produced with his hardware insturments only.

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