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Miss Cmy

Last Update
2019-07-28 18:51:09

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Artist Profile

Camilla was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but moved at an early age to Gothenburg. As a 9 year old kid she started to play the guitar and drums and kept up with this in some crazy punk/new wave band constellations until her early 20's. Around 2003 she bought her first mixer and synthesizer and started writing and producing her own songs. In 2004 she moved to the south of Sweden, and began to study filmmaking. She soon discovered the combination music, sounds and movies and started to do some film music for a couple of movies. This was a continuation of her own producing and the development of her own style.

2006 - 2007 she lived in the city of Amsterdam and started to get in contact with the techno scene there and began collecting vinyls on a larger scale. She also began DJing in some small venues. That, along with all the people she met made her even more addicted to the music.

When she returned to Sweden she was more focused than ever, and bought her own pair of Technics 1210s and a mixer. She started spinning records in her home every day and after a couple of months she really had it technically. She soon discovered the passion for early Detroit techno and Techhouse, but later also found some true love for dub and more experimental music. Miss Cmy is currently living in Stockholm, were she find her main inspiration.

What she plays depend on the place and time, but the sound and atmosphere is always very personal and extraordinary. Miss Cmy is a rising star in the Techno scene. She only been playing on a regular basis since 2008 but has already made a lot of appreciated gigs in the biggest cities of Sweden, on festivals and some other European countries. She has also been a resident at the place Stearin and the clubs the Docks and Technoforia in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her first single was released on Mad Bros Records, Paris and also the song The Second Base on various compilations, for the German label Modularfield. More to come...

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