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Last Update
2019-07-30 17:33:41

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Artist Profile

Mindgrinders is a drum & bass project of two producers from Russia - Daniil "Synthetic Soul" Tolpegin and Evgeniy "MAZA" Shmelev. They started to work together in the first half of 2012. Before they had separate releases on some labels like Infectech, Nocid Businness, Rus Zud, T3K, DeathSoundBat, Lethal Injection etc.

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Shrammaka [ext] by-nc-nd
28 Releases, 22 Artists
dnb experimental dubstep industrial jungle breakcore acid neurofunk techno-dnb techstep darkstep atmospheric jump-up progressive technoid liquid hardstep drum and bass drumstep syncopated rhythms drum 'n' bass crossbreed liquid funk  
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