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Last Update
2019-07-26 20:34:23

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Artist Profile

markese is the bent dog (‚krummer hund' im german) in the beaty business. his czech-swiss roots are the reason for his characteristic influences, taking control just from the beginning of his musical work: the sometimes clashing sometimes harmonising attributes of swiss precision and czech melancholia and lightness. his work mixes complex and detailed sound designs and rhythm sections with more subtle rather straight forward parts. early on markese and uese formed the slam combo 'clos-o-mat' that quickly became one of zurich's favourite party alliances. with his solo releases on trapez and mbf along with remixes for remute's release 5000 euro and cosmic sandwich's hit 'man in a box' he managed to create an ever growing demand in the techno world beyond zurich. further to this, markese is the top dog behind the underground major label little big recordings where he features young artists and helps kick start their splendid careers.

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