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Marcus E. Henry

Last Update
2019-07-30 17:33:09

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Artist Profile

In the early 80’s Markus listened to bands like Yello or Depeche Mode, for him the roots of electronic music. Then he heard some Italo Disco, Electro and early House. A little bit later in the beginning of the 90’s he discoverd Techno-House from labels like R&S, Overdrive Records and Hardhouse. After a short Trance period (at that time called the “Sound Of Franfurt” from labels like MFS and Eye-Q) he opened his mind for everything that sounded cool and new. As a music lover he spent most of his money on new vinyl and CDs and partied in famous clubs like the Dorian Gray, Omen and the Parlazo. In 2005 Markus got Traktor, a mixing software for his PC to create his own mixed compilations and in 2006 he discovered the netlabel scene on the Internet with its free music downloads of high quality. He sees himself as a hobby and bedroom DJ, just being happy to mix great music for himself and his friends.

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