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Lezet & Mikhail Lezin

Last Update
2019-07-26 07:10:43

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Artist Profile


Lezet is a one-man experimental music project from Pozega,Serbia.

From "Black Syrup Zine", Serbia:

"Someone's comment about the sound of Lezet was "like Zorn without saxophone"...And indeed, Lezet's work could remind one of the results of "the game theory", which John Zorn exercised on his debut "Locus Solus", for example...The fact that LEZET don't use only live instruments will probably disconnect it from the avantgarde free jazz scene, but I suppose that coming under some specific style wasn't the intent in this case anyway. It's about free experiments with sound captures in search for surprises, and it can't be pretentious as such... ".

Mikhail Lezin:

Artist, musician and poet from Togliatti, Russia. Born October 19, 1974.

Since 1990 - sound-art-project "DYA", releases were published in Denmark, Germany, Russia on CDR-labels.

Since 1996 - sound-guitar player of the band "Teacher of Botany".

Since 2001 - Alexey Kruchenykh Merz-Orchestra "Lust".

Since 2008 - project "Yoko Absorbing" (with Evgeniy Kharitonov).

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