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Gandalf's Owl

Last Update
2020-11-01 10:06:08

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Artist Profile

"Gandolfo Ferro is an eclectic Sicilian singer and musician. Willing to experiment and explore every aspect of music, he puts his hands on every genre and morphs it into his own vision, leaving his unmistakable trademark.

His studies in vocal techniques – alongside with constant improving of his guitar playing skills – trace back to 1998, and now, other than being an accomplished vocal coach and singer, Gandolfo Ferro is an all-around musician and author.

Over the course of the years, thanks to his works with bands such as The Opera (his main band) and Heimdall (“Aeneid” was one of the best selling power metal albums in 2013), he peaked as one of the most interesting talents worth a listen in the whole Italian peninsula.

With Sucu Music, Gandolfo Ferro unleashes his most space bound visions, made up of spaceships, aliens, abductions and sonic landscapes."

- Luca Sproviero

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