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Diabolus ex machina

Last Update
2019-07-30 18:03:16

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Promo Tracks

1 2:19 | 128kbs        
1 5:24 | 142kbs        
End of the World
6:21 | 152kbs        
Sheep in big war
5:49 | 320kbs        
10 5:25 | 320kbs        

Artist Profile

An inevitable mix of rage and reason, born in the arrogance of Them who live outside normality. Bands was born with the difficult task to change the substance of black metal, to knock the rough edges off of an extreme genre and to elevate it in complexity and in essence. Band was created in 1996 by TrOn, composer of all melodies and lyrics and after many thriving periods in 2000 Diabolus Ex Machina quitted with a fully instrumental 4 tracks-promo, printed in three copies. Thanks to the intervention of MT (Vulvacroma), Diabolus Ex Machina was born again in 2002, when TrOn and MT re-recorded three tracks best symbolizing band's attitude. Recording session took place at Some Studios (Vulvacroma, Dodskammer), while mixing has been processed by Eternity Studios (Satanasshole). Music of Diabolus Ex Machina is not for everybody, it's intended for an expert audience, able to appreciate composition complexity and the grandeur of "new order of black metal". Lyrics go beyond normal status of satanic or visionary black metal, expressing the uncertainty of a world doomed to die. Name "Diabolus Ex Machina" represents the difficult solution, twisted and sophistry, in contrast with Deus Ex Machina (in Latin theatre, a divinity was lowered by some "Machines"), the quick and easy solution.

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