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Derrick Hart

Last Update
2019-07-31 11:45:58

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Artist Profile

Derrick Hart is an American musician born in the Chinese Year of the Fire Dragon, 1976. He loves to play all kinds of music & works with many talented people. He can be difficult at times. He is fortunate to have very understanding family & friends. Doctors have diagnosed him with bipolar disorder. He’s not sure if he believes it. He takes medicine for depression, anxiety, acid reflux & high blood pressure. Other than that he does not use any drugs or alcohol at all. He is doing very well. He is an enthusiast, optimist & a believer in the power of positive attitude. He has been a vegetarian over half his life. He founded Wreckingball Wreckords 18 years after originally conceiving the idea. He doesn’t have any tattoos. He loves Jesus. He lives in a small town, in a very inspiring house, with artist Eddyfuckinartmachine who has made it a home that oozes creativity from the walls. Derrick thrives in this atmosphere & works on various creative projects every day. He recorded an ambient music EP for Resting Bell to release called “Fall Asleep To This” with guest musicians Kirill Nikolai, Dusty Haze & Peter Glenn. It serves as a meditation tool to listen to before sleeping. He sings on all five songs, though there are no actual lyrics. Two of the tracks, “Kontakt” & “When Someone Loves You No More”, are comprised only of his voice. Derrick’s great grandparents came from Germany to become farmers in the United States. Germany is a fine country today.

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