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2019-07-31 09:40:40

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Artist Profile

In the darkest woods in Sweden theres a smalltown named Tranås and behind all fur coats, gossip girls and dramas stands Degrees a timorous two-man band featuring Mikael Jacobson (The Trick, Late Night Conversations) & Rickard Folke (Boygirlme). For the moment the story about Degrees is short, but hopefully it will grow like everything else important does. M.J. and Rickard met in the year 2001 and has been friends ever since. With the same love for music and both stuck in a crazy small town they decided to put their hearts and brains togheter in september 2008 to form the band "Degrees".

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afmusic [ext] by-nc-sa
De, Leipzig
0 Releases, 57 Artists
industrial indie rock alternative darkwave gothic new wave wave  
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