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Last Update
2019-07-29 14:46:07

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Artist Profile

Born 1979 in Warsaw, lives in Gdynia. He started producing music with Atari and Amiga modules in 1993. He's made his first performance in 1996 (with CUKT). In the late 90-ties he was a co-founder of Au-Gen (with Quads). Growing up on Berlin's electronic music he was gently turning on modern sounds. ////////////////////
Nowadays he puts his interest on general electronic. His live's are some kind of dub-minimal and micro-tech-house mix. He also organizes Sfinks' "Electronica Intelligente" and "S!te Records Nights" in Sopot. He takes part of Neotronica collective and his own net label S!te Records (9 releases so far). He also cooperates with Acid Orange Crew, which "baby" - "Nuclear Sfinks Zone" also takes place in Sfinks. Apart from that all, he is engaged in making music for exhibitions and performances (galeria 78, City Theatre of Gdynia, Kolonia Artystów). In December 2003 he's made with Qads a CD - "Delight Chill Session" - published by and enclosed in Aktivist Exklusiv magazine.

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