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Dark Souls Day

Last Update
2019-07-27 15:09:51

Give Love
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Artist Profile

Dark Souls Day were formed by Nikos and Pepi in 2004. Nikos is a musician and he has been part of several groups. Music technology is his passion and he owns a home studio where he records and produces albums.One of his most important productions is the album "No Land For Escape" by Laissez Faire. Pepi writes lyrics and helps with back vocals. "Electrify" and "No time" were included in EKSOSTRAKISMENOS (THE EXILED) movie , which is a film by Nick Samaras (Crazy Greek Productions). Soon "dark love" will be included in a new movie of Nick Samaras,which is called CONSPIRACY OF BLOOD (Crazy Greek Productions).

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afmusic [ext] by-nc-sa
De, Leipzig
0 Releases, 57 Artists
industrial indie rock alternative darkwave gothic new wave wave  
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