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Cyber Snake

Last Update
2019-07-27 15:09:51

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Artist Profile

Cyber Snake is the first international on-line cyber-industrial machine. Date of creation: 29th of april, 2009. Everyone may be first, listening our songs in the WorldWide Web. Cyber Snake - is the project with own cyber-culture. Shared for listening, with using hi-tech effects, our compositions used to feel the rythm of industrial megapolices. Whichever you standing in traffic jam, moving by rapid transit or stay at home, our music harmoniously fits in sorrounding atmosphere, lets you abstract from overloaded city's negatives. Through the alembic of our heroes destiny, we guides you through childhood memories and may be most secret dreams or forbidden wishes. Like The Serpent Temperer we gives you Forbidden Fruit through Cyber-space web. Are you ready for taste it?

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afmusic [ext] by-nc-sa
De, Leipzig
0 Releases, 57 Artists
industrial indie rock alternative darkwave gothic new wave wave  
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