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Confusion Is Next

Last Update
2019-07-27 15:09:36

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Artist Profile

Established in Monza, Italy, in 2004, CONFUSION IS NEXT is an alternative rock quartet spreading chaos over the netaudio cyberscene with self production and DIY spirit. After the supa-grungy teenage riot fueled 2005 "Spread The Spirit" got published by the spanish netlabel Trastienda in 2007, the band released another lo-fi noisy record called "Lost In Dark Days" in 2008 on Trastienda and Ekleipsi Netlabel, showing the shift from the bleached jeans days to darker atmospheres and complex structures. Their songs got featured in many comps spreaded over the netlabel scene. In 2009, CIN releases "THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER" in a free version on Trastienda Netlabel and in a deluxe digital version on afmusic: a 70's psychedelia and modern post rock blend. A 5 songs, 30 minutes long journey thru sonic nights, white venetian masks and dark shadows.

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afmusic [ext] by-nc-sa
De, Leipzig
0 Releases, 57 Artists
industrial indie rock alternative darkwave gothic new wave wave  
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