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Last Update
2019-07-31 02:18:57

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Artist Profile

Acidburp has been making music for over ten years. The first track he had released was on Experimedia's 'The Rhythm Method' compilation in 2006, along with some top electronic artists including Mrs Jynx, Legowelt and Milieu. He then went on to have 2 tracks released on Faltydl's compilation albums(now discontinued) and 2 more tracks on Badsekta compilations. Acidburp's first 6 track EP 'I Love My Palindrome' was released on THEM Records in 2008.His first full length album 'The End' in 2009 and a remix album followed soon after featuring remixes from Vertical67, Mrs Jynx and Skip. Various future releases are planned, one of which is a split EP with Japan's Acid Master - Kalavnik, including remixes of each others work and brand new tracks.

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 [CSS003]   About Turn EP  
About Turn EP by-nc-nd
by Acidburp
on Complex Sound Sagacity
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '870 Downloads [i]

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 Complex Sound Sagacity  
Complex Sound Sagacity [ext] by-nc-nd
Mt, Fgura
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