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[sic] & Consor

Last Update
2019-07-30 18:42:12

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Artist Profile

[sic]: Sound artist and producer Jen Morris prefers avoiding the beaten tracks. She brings an earned legitimacy to her introspective compositions, which are constructed from fleeting sonic contrasts, dissonances, and impositions. Using sources as diverse as the Japanese koto and assorted field recordings, [sic] remains aloof and bemused. Deep in the analog cabin, she records and processes the sounds through a variety of ornery effects mechanisms. The final product provides a refreshingly soothing atmosphere in which one can either bathe, exercise, or make love. When [sic] hits the road, her eerie soundscapes are accompanied by equally arresting visuals, comprised of digital imprints from her sordid life. The [sic] roadshow has travelled extensively in Europe, from tiny Ilirska Bistrica to bustling Berlin.

Official Website:

Consor: Swiss multi-instrumentalist and producer, is an accomplished musician, playing everything from guitar, violin and piano to the utilization of machines, computers, samplers and electronic tools. Initially gaining musical experience playing rock with different bands, he went on to explore and create a different type of music, whilst working on his on personal projects. Using field recordings, electrical noises and other instruments, he crafted a beautiful debut album ‘Mesantropia’, which dropped on Creaked Records in the fall of 2006. Consor will release his magnificent Sophomore album entitled ‘Tumult’, June 6th 2011.

Official Website:

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