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sonicsquirrel - your netlabel source since 2005 is a platform dedicated to netlabels and netaudio.
All music You find here is released under open licenses (mainly Creative Commons). You can listen to and download all releses for free!

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Latest additions

 [DJUMMI018]   Bralitz Vol. 3  
Bralitz Vol. 3 by-nc
by aaahhchestra
on djummi-records
6 Tracks, 1 Artist '684 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp464]   ... Is Coming  
... Is Coming by-nc-sa
by Asato Maa
on enoughrecords
9 Tracks, 1 Artist '603 Downloads [i]
 [SLC59]   Happy Doomsday  
Happy Doomsday by-nc-sa
by Orgonon Sound Machine
on Soisloscerdos
5 Tracks, 1 Artist '335 Downloads
 [enrmp463]   Silent Revolutio...  
Silent Revolution, Deafening M... by-nc-sa
by A.J. Kaufmann
on enoughrecords
16 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'104 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp462]   IITWOII  
IITWOII by-nc-sa
by This Communication
on enoughrecords
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '222 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp461]   Albion  
Albion by-nc
by Alex Mason
on enoughrecords
9 Tracks, 1 Artist '936 Downloads [i]
 [SLC58]   Dust  
Dust by-nc-sa
by Langax
on Soisloscerdos
5 Tracks, 1 Artist '575 Downloads
 [enrmp460]   Oblivion  
Oblivion by-nc-sa
by Arath
on enoughrecords
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '396 Downloads [i]
 [toulp12]   Landscapes  
Landscapes by-nc-nd
by Marc Burt
on toucan music
12 Tracks, 1 Artist 2'352 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp026]   Purveyors of Rea...  
Purveyors of Reason and Law by-nc-sa
by Quelnt
on enoughrecords
11 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'837 Downloads [i]