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sonicsquirrel - your netlabel source since 2005 is a platform dedicated to netlabels and netaudio.
All music You find here is released under open licenses (mainly Creative Commons). You can listen to and download all releses for free!

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Latest additions

 [su021]   Work chillout: M...  
Work chillout: Music for Stres... by-nc-nd
by DR
on soo su
7 Tracks, 1 Artist 0 Downloads
 [su011]   Horizon  
Horizon by-sa
by Letmeknowyouanatole
on soo su
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 0 Downloads
 [enrmp513]   Petals EP  
Petals EP by-nc-sa
by Audio Compress
on enoughrecords
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 12 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp512]   latent content  
latent content by-nc-sa
by strond
on enoughrecords
6 Tracks, 1 Artist '120 Downloads [i]
 [TCN001]   Otherworld  
Otherworld by-nc
by Base II & JMD
on toucan music
1 Track, 1 Artist 32 Downloads
 [enrmp511]   Cynetik 1  
Cynetik 1 by-nc-sa
by M-PeX
on enoughrecords
13 Tracks, 1 Artist '364 Downloads [i]
 [SLC73]   Snow EP  
Snow EP by-nc-sa
by Stekalive
on Soisloscerdos
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 42 Downloads
 [enrmp510]   99 Tengris  
99 Tengris by-nc-sa
by Fabio Keiner
on enoughrecords
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '156 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp044]   Insect's Brain  
Insect's Brain by-nc-sa
by Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra
on enoughrecords
7 Tracks, 1 Artist '210 Downloads [i]
 [enrmp315]   Live at Kuucvaal...  
Live at Kuucvaals 2011 by-nc-sa
by Nega
on enoughrecords
1 Track, 1 Artist 33 Downloads [i]