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 SubSymbolic Records  
SubSymbolic Records [ext] by-nc-nd
10 Releases, 9 Artists
ambient dub deep dub-techno dub techno chillout minimal techno dubtechno deep techno  
RadioactiveWastelands [ext] by-nc-sa
Us, South Carolina
0 Releases, 0 Artists
 Mothermantra Records  
Mothermantra Records [ext] by-nc-nd
Ad, Andorra La Vella
0 Releases, 0 Artists
filamentXylin [ext] by-nc-nd
Uk, Bristol
0 Releases, 0 Artists
noise experimental ambient electronic ambient drone experimental drone musique concrete granular avantgarde noisemusic  
FEUERSTEIN Records [ext] by-nc-sa
De, Berlin
7 Releases, 4 Artists
idm experimental electronic dub soundtrack chiptune edm  
 animata records  
animata records [ext] 
0 Releases, 0 Artists
indie post-rock metalcore post-hardcore hipster music emo emocore emotronic screamo emotional edm emotional hip-hop  
Apptronica [ext] by-nc-sa
Us, Seattle
0 Releases, 0 Artists
 revolution recordings  
revolution recordings [ext] by-nc-nd
De, Würzburg
0 Releases, 0 Artists
 Vulpiano Records  
Vulpiano Records [ext] by-nc-nd
0 Releases, 0 Artists
ShalomaMuzik [ext] by-sa
Za, Cape Town
0 Releases, 0 Artists
 XBS Records  
XBS Records [ext] by-nc-nd
0 Releases, 0 Artists
 Simphoni Silence Inside  
Simphoni Silence Inside [ext] 
Ru, Rostov On Don / Moscow
0 Releases, 0 Artists
ambient techno ambient drone experimental dub drone  

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