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You run Your own Label and want it to appear on
All You have to do is:

  1. 1. Create an User account,
  2. 2. then choose 'Create Label',
  3. 3. and finally add Your releases

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beta forum : feature requests

"what functionality is missing? how to improve?"


Is the filter of the old version coming to this new version as well? If so I would like to request a license (creative commons licenses, etc.) filter. Creative Commons encourages remix and re-use but what someone is allowed to do differs a lot with each license and also mixing various Creative Commons licenses in a new work is complicated. Until now it is very difficult to find netaudio music on the net by category/style/genre and license. Since Sonicsquirrel is already a huge database with netaudio releases this would be a good place to add such a search function.

Check on dead label links (difficult as usually the domains are still working but being used by domain grabbers or sellers) and offer function to report dead links. You could send an email to the netlabel maintainer and if he/she doesn't react within x days disable the link.

When I just browsed the label list I came across many dead links.

a growning number of netlabels also release video,
are you also thinking of incorporating such a feature ?

hm - yes, video will become an option sooner or later.
:) + the license thing is nice.. please remember again that a lot of releases are not equiped with a license yet, there will be much more once we ask the labels to update profiles/licenses etc.

Hi, we just have finnished to upload our catalog, the new sonic squirrel is great!

Only two ideas about the player, it would be nice a "random" option for play albums and playlists randomly... And in other hand I don't know if there is any possibility to make audioscrobbling on with the player..

When a new release has a date in the future don't display it yet to visitors of the site. The christmas release of 12rec is currently on the front page, one day too early. This way labels could prepare releases better. Alternatively give a release a status like online/offline.

I am curious about the label statistics. Any chance to make a difference between full and partial downloads?

I´m thinking work with flac files, would this be posible?

how about access to some API functions ?
getting stuff like a selected range of releases in XML / JSON with all the URls and metadata ?

@apogsasis API access is open if someone needs this. it is not yet specified in detail, but the architecture makes it very easy to implement things.

@jonas API/XML access would be realy(!) great. Is there anything live yet?

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Can't find how to remove my labels. Is it possible?

First, I would like a search box in the sidebar. Second, I would like the gray tag boxes in the album view to be clickable.

Hi, would also like to get API-Access. Do you plan on documenting it in the future?

Is it possible to remove my labels?

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Would be great if you could implement a «follow» feature for artists and labels to stay up to date on new releases!

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