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  2. 2. then choose 'Create Label',
  3. 3. and finally add Your releases

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beta forum : news

"posts for the news section"


after finishing other duties we are back working on the new + shiny platform. the complete software will be written from scratch, as the current site runs on old dependencies that are unfortunately not maintained/developed anymore. what you see here now ist the progress of the members/public frontend, it is still !really! basic - one big part of the work si already semi completed: file-handling, data-model, database, etc.

soon we will start creating beta-accounts for interrested label-owners, and a bit later also for users. so watch out...

for the same time we are also looking around for people and projects out there who are interrested in cooperating:
developers [we mainly use the kohana framework]. maybe we continue building the core of the application by ourselves, but there are a lot of components/tools we're thinking about... syncing devices, api, site integration etc.

netlabel related websites, magazines, blogs etc to share content with.

and off course we would appreciate getting support with our infrastructure! the situation at the moment is ok, we have some brand-new servers etc but we would like to build up the new version as stable as possible.

for this we are looking for:
- datacenters willing to provide rackspace + bandwidth or root-servers,
- hardware [database- and storage servers], mirrors - at the moment we have three media servers in switzerland, germany and france - but the more the better [200GB now, about +100/year]

so if you think you could help us out with anything [mentioned here or not... :)] don't hesistate to contact us!

all the data from the current website has ben copied to the new site.

sorry for the recent problems and downtime.
sonicsquirrel is running an a completely new infrastructure now - the old beta-server was too weak.
some thiings could still be a bit unstable - please report if you notice.
the download counter was also not working during the past 7 days.

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