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beta forum : bugs...

"thanks a lot for testing the new if you experience any troubles please report them here!"


I'm trying to specify my city, I write "Buenos Aires" and when click ok it gives me error: ""

ok - thanks for reporting, should work now.

btw: for advanced bugs, there is also a trac ready, see for info.

how adding the artists and releases on my page???

for what stand the [i] behind the downloads on the home page?

[i] = descriptin available. only dummy, should be replaced wizth icon or so...

soundcloud-error: hm, this happens if a label says 'activate soundcloud dropbox' but does not add his soundcloud user/url.

Jonas, i can't login to the ftp
Error 530

okay, now i successfully uploaded the tracks, but i can't import them :(


Same problem with importing uploaded tracks :(

Another bug I guess.

Seems that zip downloads don't work for new releases.

I clicked on download buttons on random releases from latest additions page, and non of them begin downloading, though download stas increased.

I am still having problems with the uploads. Importing seems to work but online player and download links don't work on the release page of my last two releases (swm093 and swm092).

12rec soundcloud integration ist der link vermutlich falsch, ein / zuviel, weiss nicht ob von dir oder 12rec, nur so als info...>

liquid layout bug. if resize the page to 1024 on the home page a few releases turn white, eg. disapear. guess there is too much content written, to long titles or tags...

Hi Boyz!

Just to wanted to report that, for label owners, in the section "Your files", nothing happen when you right click on a folder when using on Firefox 3.5.5 (tested on Mac OSX 10.5.8). I just tried with Safari, and the contextual menu is ok.

Hehe it took me a while to understand what to do with my uploaded files just because of this bug.


hm - ok, sorry for this and thanks for info!!

upload doesn't wor akt all.. :-( can't create directorys or files

when you click on the button to download a hole realease as an zip yout get to an error page
you have to right click and click save as
ohh and somtimes tracks doesnt load in the player but when you play another song and then try it again it works most of the time

if i click "report a bug" i get:
Internal Server Error

i am logged in, btw

cheers m

just one input, maybe it would be good to mark releases which are rereleased as such, "rereleased" instead of "brand new" or higlight the date of the release a bit better.

drag&drop bugs:
* dragin' things to your drag&box when it's closed seems to be not working, maybe it should open when you drag stuff over there
* drag-box should always be visible, otherwise its not possible to drag things when you have been scrolling
* if the title of the release is to long the layout is corrupted
* dragin' from the details view is tricky as you can hardly have a point to do so, because either it plays the track or jumps to the artist place when clicked.

i think all dragable items should be specially marked and maybe have a tiny drag icon in front (or wherever) of them, so whatever content is inside there is always an option to drag left.

otherwise very cool feature :)

i'm also experiencing problems with zip file... it seems it doesn't exist? why is this? because it needs time to compile the file?

i can't seem to upload a logo for my label. i click in the box and a dialog box opens up for me to choose my file. i pick the logo file (it's a jpg) and then go to save the label profile. it makes like it's saving and when the profile edit page comes back up, the box where i told the site where my logo is is blank again, and i still have a question mark for my logo. any ideas?

alright, i got another one. i just uploaded three releases, and everything seemed to go well. they all finished uploading and are sitting pretty in the ftp folder, but under 'my files' there is nothing. the section where my uploaded files are supposed to be shown is blank. any ideas?

when i click on the statistics page of my label i get ehis error:

Warning Message

An error was detected which prevented the loading of this page. If this problem persists, please contact the website administrator.

/home/sosq/svn/trunk/www/controllers/label.php [590]:

Missing argument 1 for Label_Controller::statistics()

Disk full?
I get the following warning on every page and no music will play

Warning Message

An error was detected which prevented the loading of this page. If this problem persists, please contact the website administrator.

/home/www/kohana/trunk/system/core/Kohana.php [535]:

file_put_contents() [function.file-put-contents]: Only 0 of 265 bytes written, possibly out of free disk space

hi there
i would like to listen to this ep
metal-oxide-malfunction : Telegraphy E.P.

first three tracks are not working, the last one is, and it's a good, would like to hear the full release.

a way to check for bad files? maybe a link to report dead files to the label owner?


i found some bugs:
menu: "my label > statistics"

Warning Message

An error was detected which prevented the loading of this page. If this problem persists, please contact the website administrator.

/home/sosq/svn/trunk/www/controllers/label.php [763]:

Missing argument 1 for Label_Controller::statistics()

when downloading a simple zip from my site:>

Warning Message

An error was detected which prevented the loading of this page. If this problem persists, please contact the website administrator.

/home/sosq/svn/trunk/www/models/release.php [30]:

Division by zero

in the "my files" section some of the files doesn't showing up (they are on the ftp)
for example the .zips


I've uploaded and imported a couple of mp3 files but only one shows in the release.
I've tried erasing and uploading/importing again but the problem persists.
Any tips?

Thanks in advance,

p.s. It's a split EP (two tracks by two different artists):>

HI ! i`ve upload 8 files and after Import it shows me in the release only 2 files ..>

@deephaki: the files have quite strange id3-tags... sent you an email as well.

Hello ! I`ve upload 16 files [gargan050] and after Import I cannot see it in the release-sector...

when i click import theicon does not turns green.
my release not appearing

now the icon is green but the release doesn t appear on my releases page!!!!

upload via ftp does not work for me right now. I keep recieving error message: No space left on device...Is there any traffic or release number upload limit? (we have so far 10 releases, but I would like to upload whole vback catalogue - 28 reelases at present)

Import doesnt work. When I click Import nothing happens. Icon does not turn green and files dont appear amongst releases.

I second that. Import doesn't work.

import also not working for me

sorry for the not working import. something got stuck on the processing machine... :(

thanks jonas, import is now working but i can't seem to upload an image for a release?

following my post above, i've just tried loading some more files via FTP and it failed as there's no space left on the server - maybe this is why the image upload fails too?

ignore the above - all working now. :)

hello Jonas,
i can't add our latest release (cat# P36-053)
i got it in my files, i click to 'import' but it doesn't appear on my releases (i try many times)
please, can you help?
thanks a lot!
Sam, Pavillon36 owner.

Same here, import via ftp doesnt work. it says "no space left, code 530". what should i do now?


owner of withering trees music

i cant import either... icon turns green but no import.

Problems with our latest upload. There is a problem with the download of the zip-file. Plaese check it...

Same as "gargan-records", our download count was an unusually high number for our new release "Sectioned v2.0" and found out the zip doesn't download, it appears as empty.

it would be nice to have a button to mark releases with problems, for example not playing anything... furthermore it would be a nice feature if the player skips problematic tracks after a few seconds

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seems like the import doesnt work again...

Yes... and we can notice it also because there are no uploads by 31 May! :(

hm - sorry, should work again...

It's working. Thanks!

Seems like UTF8 chars break uploads - in file names as well as in ID3-Tags. I can upload them but can't import them..

For some odd reason if you edit a release that already has tags it adds extra spaces between tags which then in turn removes your release from the original tags.

having problems importing releases
i have 5 sitting in My Files, import seems to work, they never show up as releases....could an admin contact me?

fixed this by using FTP manually....transferring from my server via your web tool does not seem to work so well for my files.

i can't import releases that have been uploaded.

loving the site! noticed that when I upload a track with filename including a 'ç' it broke the download link. I tried to change the filename to a 'c' but it hasn't updated it. is there a way to delete and re-upload?

I noticed that these days single MP3 file downloading is impossible for several minutes, a lot of times a day. This is not the same with ZIP files.

Still noticing that these days single MP3 file downloading is impossible for several minutes, a lot of times a day. This is not the same with ZIP files.

Still noticing that these days single MP3 file downloading is impossible for several minutes, a lot of times a day. This is not the same with ZIP files.

Not import (from the ftp server) my files in the new release

Anyone else having trouble connecting to the FTP server?

i have problems with importing a new release. after clicking on "import" the files are marked green and the import is confirmed, but after a minute they turn white again and nothing appears on the artist and release pages.

@msc: please double-check the id3 tags...

Problems on single track downloads: sometimes today tracks haven't been whole downloaded (for exaple an 11 MB download stopped at 7 MB)!

Importing releases doesn't work. When you select import nothing happens.

I have created a new label but the two words of the name appear together and I can not modify it or delete the label to create a new label with the correct name, how can I rectify this? Thanks

i can't login to the ftp.

Status: Auflösen der IP-Adresse für
Fehler: Ungültiger Servername oder Server nicht gefunden
Fehler: Kritischer Fehler
Fehler: Herstellen der Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen

Neither I. The message I'm still receiving is "Unable to make a connection. Please try again."

me too... trying to upload our new release since a few days but no connection possible (via filezilla).

I can't buy rubels. I assume the paypal (sandbox) link like is just for development: "Please login to use the PayPal Sandbox features." tnx! <3

ups sorry - paypal should work again!!

der i-frame player wird in chrome version 23 nicht angezeigt

i want to learn more info about this.thanks>

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some tips for uploaders, never use accents or things like that, never repeats the name of a track ;)

reuoploaded a 3rd time now working

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