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nakrikalrecords : Youre a Zero: Trent Reznors New Grooves

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 45:48 - 320kb/s - 85.88 MB
Date released
Date published
2017/08/03 15:02h



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Release Notes


(album title changed here because of technical issues with the link)

PONTIAC PILATE’s remix album, featuring 10 NINE INCH NAILS songs taken from „Year Zero” and „The Slip”.

A bit of a cross-over thing, „You’re a Zero” was a way to find out what is it like to work with Trent Reznor without actually working with Trent Reznor. Each piece features the industrial rock legend’s vocals soaring over original music composed by PONTIAC PILATE. The ultimate outcome is a fun and dank as fuque pop record, boasting quite a vast array of genres and influences. There’s something for trip-hop afficionados („Discipline”, „The Beginning of the End” and, first and foremost, a pretty mighty version of „Me, I’m Not”, released as a promo track), there’s the ever-present trap vibe, there’s some fine pop („Survivalism”) and there is some experimentation („Meet Your Master” turned into a classic drum & bass tune, an 80s hip-hop influenced rendition of „Vessel” and „In This Twilight” in a form of an epic industrial ambient piece).

Get it here and get it for free, folks! Enjoy this new release from Team Nakrikal. Also, make sure you spread the word and share it with friends. Got a NIN fan near you? Let them know!

Pontiac Pilate - samples, programming, sound design, production, artwork design
Trent Reznor - vocals, lyrics, songwriting, instruments & sound design (tracks 1, 4 & 10)
Saul Williams - backing vocals (track 3)
Josh Freese - drums (track 1)
Perry Farrell - vocals (track 11)

Original songs (music and lyrics) written by Trent Reznor & Nine Inch Nails, with the exception of „Whores” written by Jane’s Addiction.

This is a fan-made album, intended as a tribute to Nine Inch Nails and not an official release endorsed by the band.

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