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nakrikalrecords : Tatooine

Released on
Playtime: 10:34 - 320kb/s - 19.81 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/04/16 08:56h



experimentalhip hoptrip hopindustrial Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Nakrikal Records presents the collaborative effort featuring tracks from Maupka Records' own Banan and Demagolka.

"Tatooine" is a 2-track split featuring pieces in the realm of experimental, industrial and instrumental hip-hop & trip hop. "Lynch David" is a track in the vein of Dalek's classic "Absence", Techno Animal's "Brotherhood of the Bomb" and noisy sound collages that were the specialty of the Bomb Squad (Public Enemy). It features a noisy oriental guitar lead, heavy soundscapes with somewhat melodic elements and pounding industrial beats.

"A Scanner Darkly" is a dark and atmospheric trip hop piece, partly referring to the identity problems and the techno-drug paranoia, as featured in Philip K. Dick's novel of the same title.

"Lynch David" composed, mixed and produced by Demagolka
"A Scanner Darkly" composed, mixed and produced by Banan

Cover art designed by Demagolka & Banan
Artwork supplied by Resurgere

Demagolka would like to thank:
tzth999, alexandrenavarro, ERH, Ronny Pries, fons, rtb45, Mseq, rap2h, maerkunst

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