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nakrikalrecords : Strenuus (Bloodfen Pack)

Released on
Playtime: 01:08:47 - 320kb/s - 128.97 MB
Date released
Date published
2015/01/24 10:51h



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Release Notes

Support the band by buying the IMPERIAL EDITION!

Demagolka - Strenuus: IMPERIAL EDITION

Strenuus: Imperial Edition includes a BRAND NEW ALBUM, over 150 minutes of epic dark ambient music and bonus goodies exclusive to this release for only $2 per copy!

Team Nakrikal presents the re-mastered edition of Demagolka's second album, "Strenuus", bundled with the remastered "Bloodfen" EP.

"Strenuus" is a dark ambient record, much different from the rest of the band's output. It features six dark, twisted, hollow, droning and industrial-influenced pieces that are among Team Nakrikal's bleakest works. The album has been remastered once again to give these soundscapes new textures and layers.

The original album has been released on September 20, 2011. It was re-issued by Eg0cide Productions on March 18, 2012 and so far it is the only Demagolka album released by an external netlabel, as all other albums are being distributed through (now former) band members.

"Bloodfen" EP is the first installment in the planned Planetary Soundscape Series conceived as both a separate series of records and companion releases of Demagolka's fifth studio album, the space epic "Altahe". "Bloodfen" features lush jungle soundscapes with a darker twist at the end. Four pieces were planned, but the project has been scrapped shortly afterwards. The second entry in the series, "Coldarra", appeared on Demagolka's first compilation album, "Construction Worker", after the EP's initial cancellation.

"Bloodfen" was released on December 28, 2012.

The Bloodfen Pack also contains old album artwork culled from previous editions.

If you are interested in more music by Demagolka, then feel free to check out "Strenuus: Imperial Edition", a massive bundle of both the remastered Strenuus Pack (along with exclusive bonus tracks) and Demagolka's latest, sixth overall studio album, "Varmalus", featuring over 50 minutes of epic ambient music.

Doc Demagol – synthesizer, soundscapes, mixing, production

Remastered by Stateslaver Zero

Original cover artwork designed by Doc Demagol, special thanks to Fune-Stock and Cynnalia-Stock

Back cover artwork designed by Eg0cide Productions

„Bloodfen Pack” cover artwork designed by Stateslaver Zero

Special thanks to Eg0cide Productions & Meshuggah

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