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Catalog number
Playtime: 28:02 - 320kb/s - 52.56 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/01/17 02:03h



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Release Notes

Happy Friday the thirteenth. Ionosonde recordings brings you three thirteen minute tracks with one, one minute track. 13 on the 13th. Good Luck!

A bird is different from a elephant. So is a octopus from a wolverine. Species tells the difference apart from animals and insects alike, but there are similarities that persists throughout the animal kingdom. Take the eyes for instance. Have you ever seen a person or animal with only one eye? No, every living organism has two or more eyes, four extremities, one mouth, and two ears. You see, every animal on this earth, even though looks and acts differently, has similarities. This is the concept of Telegraphy's “Species” album. Every sound is reminiscent from the previous but is eerily distinctive, just like two or more eyes and so on.

“Species” by Telegraphy, is a slow dub techno, minimal/ambient album. These beat-less tracks, transports us to a world where unknown lifeforms dwell. Unknown but not different from us. All of the tracks titles in this album, your probably wondering, sound kind of strange or desolate, thats because they are names of undiscovered species. No, you won't find then in any scientific journal any time soon. These species are not from this earth, they are names of alien beings. Greys, Reptilians, Mothman, call them what you will. They all have two eyes, two arms, and two feet. Just like us, different but the same. “Species” by Telegraphy, different but the same.

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