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nakrikalrecords : Shadow Hunters

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 59:07 - 320kb/s - 110.84 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/03/25 15:17h



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Release Notes

Nakrikal Records proudly presents „Shadow Hunters”, the ultimate release in the Shadow Hunters trilogy. The album contains all three installments, „Great Stewardship”, „Path of Ascension” and „The Reckoning” as one, complete story, plus a brand new piece bridging the first two albums together.

„Shadow Hunters” is an imaginary soundtrack and re-telling of Heart of Darkness, an incredible game by Eric Chahi, mixed with StarCraft and Thief franchise.

Feel free to download, share, rate and review the album. Enjoy!

Composed, mixed and produced by Gutterhulk

Samples by (random order):
acclivity, ERH, pera, AaronGNP, planetjazzbass, soligen, Dan Oberbauer, inchadney, bidone, Andrew Duke, Argitoth, rhumphries, ls, klankbeeld, alextundra, HMNN, metamorphmuses, Fayz, crazyguywithcomputer, jovica, yewbic, offthesky, sheeettin, DextDee, ShortBusMusic, detskinator, Kerri, striderjapan, Bliss, cyberworm, LG, xSylviaMoonx, Razzvio, Anubis, Shyler, Nmb910, AlienXXX, RobinHood76 & Gutterhulk

Cover artwork by dholms, Cathleen Tarawhiti, AshenSorrow & Gutterhulk

Artwork provided by Resurgere & FantasyStock

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