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nakrikalrecords : Fading Realm

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 37:22 - 320kb/s - 70.06 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/07/16 17:56h



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Release Notes

"Fading Realm" is a studio album by Station Unrest, a StarCraft-themed project disbanded a long time ago. Formed in 2010, Station Unrest was to compose additional music for the universe of Blizzard Entertainment's amazing real-time strategy. However, it was disbanded in 2011 after releasing several demos. The planned studio album remained in development hell for the next two years, but now it is complete and you can listen to the finished product!

The album contains music that hopefully can be dubbed the "Koprulu sound" - music worthy of being called a truly StarCraft one! The album is more restrained than the epic work of Blizzard composers, but equally diverse, featuring space rock (with country/southern tinge), orchestral arrangements with choir, mystical space ambient, dark industrialized soundscapes and primal themes inspired by the Zerg nature, all with a touch of nostalgia and longing for the "old times" long gone and sprinkled with references to StarCraft II's music(courtesy of planetjazzbass).


Station Unrest - soundscapes, guitar/bass effects, percussion, field recordings, photography, mixing & mastering, production
Nightingale - guitar

Choirs by: ShortBusMusic

Orchestral arrangements by: HMNN

Samples & loops (random order):
planetjazzbass, nemou, drmistersir, 3rdnipplemusic, fons, Kuru23, Dan Oberbauer, jovica, AaronGNP

Special thanks to Blizzard Entertainment, planetjazzbass and HMNN

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