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nakrikalrecords : Demagolka

Released on
Playtime: 01:33:53 - 248kb/s - 143.90 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/09/05 21:24h



experimentalambientelectronicindustrialdrum and bass Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Team Nakrikal presents a new, self-titled compilation of Demagolka material recorded (and mostly published) between 2010 and 2014.

Aimed at completionists rather than newcomers (although these folks might enjoy it too!), "Demagolka" is a compilation of Demagolka material from 2010 - early 2011, coming from the period when the project was rebooted under that name and then released its first material for the general public to hear it. First album included is the debut release, "Tuntau". Recorded between December 2010 - February 2011 and released on February 11, 2011, "Tuntau" is perhaps the most immature work of Demagolka and suffers from numerous production issues. Despite these shortcomings the record was applauded for its streamlined experimentation and careful introduction of new elements despite a pretty broad scope of genres it covers. Some of the pieces, including the classic "Treehouse", date back to 2000 when the band was first formed. Despite the inclusion of many pop elements the album tends to veer off in a dark direction and the genres featured here include industrial metal, electronica, trip hop, tribal ambient and video game-influenced cinematic music. "Deliani Flux", the epic closing of the record is a cinematic drum and bass piece that could be considered a blueprint for the later Pulsipher. "Tuntau" should be a decent listen for those interested in Demagolka's humble beginnings. Included you will also find a bonus track - "To Sand We Return" - composed sometime in 2011, which is essentially a more complex version of "I, Honoghr".

The following is the seminal "Deviate Hatchlings" EP. Known for its dark tribal ambient tone, the EP is the forerunner of Pulsipher and other cinematic projects and perhaps the most influential early album that changed the direction in which the future Team Nakrikal went. Despite EP's briefness and still lackluster production the album has been positively received and helped the band gain more attention. However, Demagolka fell into obscurity after Pulsipher and Gutterhulk released their classic works, "Isip" and "Shadow Hunters" and only managed to attract wider public in 2012 with their third studio album, "Daratar", which included a re-worked piece from "Tuntau", a song titled "Irrational Gaze" (also released as a single).

The compilation does not consist of oldies only; it features new pieces as well. The first new piece is "Introneya", the final of "Imaneya" demos that we decided to release to the public, featuring Doc Demagol's vocal work. The single "Botany B" is also present here, as well as "Lynch David", which was fixed to include the ending that was accidentally cut from the "Tatooine" EP release. All other tracks are new and showcase the experimental side of the band as well as include new genres such as schranz and industrial techno. "Demagolka" also features a new member, John Tripe and his piece titled "Shining Fantasies", he also finished the piece known as "Botany C".

The compilation also features the original cover artworks of the first two albums. Enjoy!

Doc Demagol - programming, synthesizer, vocals (track 14), drums (track 15)
John Tripe - keyboards

Recorded 2010 - 2014.

Special thanks to Planetjazzbass, Looperman, Freesound & Unsplash!

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