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nakrikalrecords : Construction Worker

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:30:15 - 306kb/s - 165.27 MB
Date published
2013/10/11 15:38h



experimentalambientindustrialrockdrum and bass Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

We present our latest album, a compilation titled "Construction Worker"!

The album is a collection of B-sides, non-album singles (hopefully it will give them a new life) and rare and unreleased tracks. These pieces are divided into thematic sections by means of short experimental drum and bass/cinematic industrial interludes.

Section One DOES NOT contain "Daratar" b-sides and the new single as they are part of the Special Edition released by Brandtosaurus Release. Be sure to check it out!

Section Two contains two tracks from the cancelled sixth studio album, "Imaneya" (the third one, "Dogmentation", is featured on "Daratar (Special Edition)") - "Cluster Bomb 98" and "Imaneya" - as well as Doc Demagol's mix from Kyross sessions (Hypnotic Implant's second EP).

You will also find "Coldarra", a previously scrapped lengthy piece planned as a follow-up to "Bloodfen" and part of a series of planetary soundscapes (the package also contains the EP's artwork). That section also contains an outtake from "Altahe" sessions, a piece composed by Joe Meland titled "Storytelling".

The album contains over 90 minutes of music and much of the material is brand new. With this release Demagolka ends its career spanning over 13 years, five studio albums and tons of other releases. I would hereby like to thank the bandâs past members and collaborators, creators of samples we used and all those who supported us in our endeavors. Thank you all very much!
- Doc Demagol

Randall Rhodes – (track 4) vocals, bass, guitar
Joe Meland – orchestral arrangements (track 14)
Doc Demagol – synthesizer, drums (track 4), samples, programming, additional guitar (track 4), mixing, production

Track 2 composed using Beat 2000

Track 4 composed by Randall & Doc
Lyrics written by Randall Rhodes

Track 14 composed by Joe Meland
Mixed by Doc Demagol

Loops & samples taken from Looperman & Freesound.
Special thanks to planetjazzbass

Cover artwork by Doc Demagol
Artwork by Funerium supplied by Resurgere

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