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Released on
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Playtime: 51:41 - 320kb/s - 96.91 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/08/30 12:42h



ambientcinematicmodern orchestral Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

We proudly present to you our fifth studio album, „Altahe”!

„Altahe” is a space fantasy concept album that is our answer to Pulsipher’s „Isip” and Gutterhulk’s „Shadow Hunters”. The music is a mixture of modern orchestral, dark, tribal and space ambient and story-telling, but the story here is much more concealed and there is more focus on soundscapes rather than „soundtrack qualities”. You’ll also hear new elements in Demagolka’s repertoire such as Japanese, Armenian (first time since the debut album, „Tuntau"), Persian and „tribal” instrumentation. The concept presented here is an Oddworld-like universe with its own cultures, creatures and dangers.

We had a blast working on the album and we hope you’ll love it as well. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Joe Meland of Fauve who provided us with additional orchestration in „Ice World” and „Desert World” adding so much more depth to these pieces and further expanding our range of sound.

Joe Meland – orchestral arrangements (tracks 4, 6)
Randall Rhodes – spoken word, background voices, guitar (track 6)
Doc Demagol – synthesizer, soundscapes, programming, mixing, production

Story created by Doc Demagol

Samples by (nicknames in random order):
nic stage, reinsamba, ERH, Than van Nispen tot Pannerden, Will Humphreys, LukeIRL, metamorphmuses, tiotilo2003, Alex D, Skret, JOJOKYRA, JohnLaVine333, Tomlija, rivv3t, steveygos93, xserra, Felix Blume, Bill Keefer, alfdroid, kangaroovindaloo, ryanconway, ultradust, planetjazzbass (of course!), Anubis, JackTripper, Wilobowski, Blackout, adamms, MMedia, JahKnow, TheSavage, LoonyGoon1, apocalypze, MINOR2GO, MimouNaMamiA & Demagolka

Cover art by Doc Demagol
Artwork by Funerium & dholms, supplied by Resurgere

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