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Pronounced [ahy-on-uh-sond] ; A scientific apparatus that measures the reflectivity of the ionosphere, the outer must layer of the earth that protects us from cosmic radiation and aids in global communication.

Ionosonde Recordings is a netlabel from Detroit Michigan U.S.A. that focuses on experimental, ambient, sound collage, and electronic music. All music presented on this website is free to download, which goes to say that their are no strings attach, it is genuinely FREE MUSIC (with the acceptation of special CD-r releases). The artist(s) willfully release their music under the Creative Commons

Ionosonde recordings was created by sound artist and producer Richard Sudney (a.k.a Telegraphy) in January of 2011 from the closure of it's parent project metal-oxide-malfunction

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 [iono-7]   Species  
Species by-nc-nd
by Telegraphy
on Ionosonde-recordings
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '305 Downloads [i]
 [iono-3]   conform  
conform by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Ionosonde-recordings
4 Tracks, 2 Artists 1'269 Downloads [i]