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Last Update
2018-03-19 15:36:50

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Artist Profile

Who is Telegraphy ?
For now he is the sole artist releasing material on ionosonde recordings. Born in 1978, Richard Sudney was raised, and resides in Detroit Michigan U.S.A. He's a sound designer, producer, photographer, artist, inquisitive electronics expert, fringe researcher, and eccentric collector of antique wireless communication equipment but behind all of these self-describing titles is a man with no title at all. A jack of all trades but master at non is a accurate description for Richard Sudney.

The force behind ionosonde recordings, he created the netlabel (like all things he creates in his life) out of nothing. He has released countless of E.P.'s since 2005 under the moniker Monopole on various major netlabels such as TestTube, rec72, Clinical Archives, Headphonica, and Happypuppy recordings to name a few. Then in January 2010, he broke away from releasing on other netlabels too setting up his own solo artist microlabel Metal-Oxide-Malfunction, which released ten albums of his in exactly in one years time. The closure of this obscure label in January of 2011, pushed Richard to quality recordings instead of quantity. Thats when in January of 2011 ionosonde recordings came to being.

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conform by-nc-nd
Various Artists
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 [iono-11]   Deep Tape Loops  
Deep Tape Loops by-nc-nd
by Telegraphy
on Ionosonde-recordings
8 Tracks, 1 Artist '256 Downloads [i]
 [MOM-009]   kednaJ  
kednaJ by-nc-nd
by Telegraphy
on metal-oxide-malfunction
11 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'866 Downloads
 [iono-7]   Species  
Species by-nc-nd
by Telegraphy
on Ionosonde-recordings
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '305 Downloads [i]
 [iono-10]   Spiricom  
Spiricom by-nc-nd
by Telegraphy
on Ionosonde-recordings
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '200 Downloads
 [MOM-001]   Telegraphy E.P.  
Telegraphy E.P. by-nc-nd
by Telegraphy
on metal-oxide-malfunction
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 1'027 Downloads

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 metal oxide malfunction  
metal oxide malfunction [ext] by-nc-nd
Us, Detroit
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 Ionosonde recordings  
Ionosonde recordings [ext] by-nc-nd
Us, Detroit
15 Releases, 2 Artists
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