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2019-07-30 17:36:53

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Artist Profile

Shearer are a rock band from the heart of Germany's capital Berlin. They break new ground in the distribution of their music and with that they contribute to making this world a better place. Shearer has been founded in late 2000. During the first four years the band recorded two demo albums and gained some live experience playing all over Germany. After lead singer Kai and drummer Reimi left the band in 2005, Ronny (guitars) and Matze (drums, both ex "The Strikes") joined the band. Together with Olli (lead vocals & guitars) and Andi (bass) they are rocking Germany in a stable line up.

Shearer's music has never been close enough to the mainstream for major labels. To reach their audience anyway, Shearer publish all their music under free licenses since their first studio album "Makin-A-Munson". That way their music is available for free download to all music lovers around the globe. With success: By now Shearer are known well beyond Germany. Even though Shearer's music is available for free, grateful fans still buy cd and give donations again and again. Many people go to their concerts only because the free downloads caught their attention. Due to their experience with free music Shearer have become a much asked for contact for the press in Germany and world wide (numerous online magazines and blogs but also tv stations like TV Tokyo).

Their endorsement of free licenses was also heavily motivated by ehtics. Shearer wanted no part of copy protection and digital rights management penetrating the market, cheap propaganda and intense lobbying against filesharing and the resulting mass lawsuits against music fans. They clearly dissociate themselves from these practices with "No DRM. No Copy Protection. No Bullshit." Shearer also rename their music from "kick ass rock" to "Independent Rock 2.0" (a reference to the web 2.0). That way they meld the music style with the their way of distributing the music and the underlying philosophy.

Until their second studio album "Eve" Shearer were with the small punk rock label Puke Music, were free album downloads were only tolerated. In 2008 Shearer found a new home at "afmusic", a label that has already made a name for itself in the free music scene ("Free Music Charts"). With that background afmusic had the proper know how and mindset to effectively support the band. In 2010, two years after the release of "Eve" and the "Adam"-EP, Shearer presented the first album recorded and produced completely under their own steam: "Monument". Shearer learned the necessary skills from their involvment in the production of previous album, so taking everything in their own hands was the next logical step. It didn't even take one year from the first Monument demos until completion. For the first time the band didn't have to compromise or suffer the typical stress during studio recording sessions.

That is also good news for all Shearer fans, as lower production costs allow the band to record and release songs more often. As it stands Shearer are well prepared for a bright and productive future.

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De, Leipzig
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