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Last Update
2019-07-25 09:49:53

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Artist Profile

2000 - present

AKA: Snafu (2000 - 2001), S560 (2006 - 2007), Flimsy (2010), The Demagolka Band

Current members:
Stateslaver Zero - synthesizer, keyboards, percussion (2014 - present)

Past members:
Doc Demagol (founder) - vocals, sampler, synthesizer, guitar, programming (2000 - 2014)
Randall "Nun the Wiser" Rhodes - lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizer, programming (2012 - 2013)
Joe Meland - keyboards, orchestral arrangements (2013)
Artus - vocals, acoustic guitar (2006)
MatthewDruid - vocals (2007)

Demagolka has been rebooted by Stateslaver Zero, who is the band's sole member now.

Stateslaver Zero composed and produced the band's sixth studio album, "Varmalus", a massive, 50-minute long epic ambient record.

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